Low voltage and pools

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1. New 680.22(D) Other Outlets

2. New text

3. (D) Other Outlets. Other outlets containing circuits operating at 30 volts or more shall be not less than 3.0 m (10)ft) from the inside walls of the pool. Measurements shall be determined in accordance with 680.22(A)(6).

FPN: Other outlets may include, but are not limited to remote-control, signaling, fire alarm, and communication circuits.

4. A life safety hazard could arise from the use of other equipment used in the vicinity of a pool.

*Note* I know the substaniation is weak, however I don't have any dead bodies to produce. Just seems like a good idea.

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Re: Low voltage and pools


I've never submitted a change, and I really do not know the whole process to do so.

Does part of the Code Change Proposal process require an explanation as to why the author of the change thinks such change be made?

In other words, could a person simply state the proposed change and leave it up to the CMP to determine a problem with the existing Code to warrant a change?

Also, do the CMP's ever determine in any of their own discussions that a certain Code need to be revised, and if so, do they have to go through the same process of Proposal as everyone else?

Thanx for any insight.

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Re: Low voltage and pools


I noted on the Welcome thread the 4 items we need on this forum. I also included a link to the NFPA web page that had all the informtion needed to make a formal Proposal including a link to this form. The Comment form is very similar.

Soon (within the next week I hope) I will post some suggestions to help create solid Proposals.


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Re: Low voltage and pools

Todd, basically the panel will ignore a proposal that has no reason for the change. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. During the proposal stage a panel may make a panel proposal but they are not common. If I remember correctly, Panel 10 had five panel proposals last cycle. :D
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