MC Cable in PVC Conduit In Floor Slab


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The mc cable the NEC is reffering to in the earlier post for use in wet locations is a normally green epoxy coated mc cable that can be installed in wet locations and in concrete and cinder fill. we just did a 4 story putting all the branch in the slab using it.
Ummmm...we make Wet Location rated Type MC with a PVC Extruded Covering and it is never "green epoxy"....


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Article 682: Natural and Artificially Made Bodies of Water is enforceable at any location subject to flooding per the definition of Electrical Datum Plane. Under criteria (3) of that definition, the AHJ can choose the reference.
That rule only applies within the scope of Article 682. If the location is not "adjacent" to a natural or artificial body of water, 682 does not apply.


Oh Really

Oh Really

Still a wet location. Why not transition above ground?

330 does not strictly prohibit MC in wet locations.

330.10 Uses Permitted
(11) In wet locations where a corrosion-resistant jacket is provided
over the metallic covering and any of the following
conditions are met:
a. The metallic covering is impervious to moisture.
b. A jacket resistant to moisture is provided under the
metal covering.
c. The insulated conductors under the metallic covering
are listed for use in wet locations.
Someone ought to let the State Electrical Board Members know this. They asked me that question and I replied " Yes under the correct conditions you can pull MC Cable in Conduit Underground" They told me no. Amazing what some people don't read. Given this information is thankful. Great Reply. Thanks:D