New PV System


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Hello all,
I am trying to find information regarding a situation I am in regarding a new PV install. I can't seem to find what I am looking for in the 2014 code. The PV system is using micro-inverters at each panel that terminate to wires going to the PV input in the combiner panel. This combiner panel Enphase IQ panel and has 3) 20-amp breakers for the input. The client also has a backup generator with an automatic transfer switch. How would I go about hooking all this up? My load side of the meter is coming to my transfer switch and hitting a double lug that my backup power also terminates to. My service panel then comes out of the load side of the transfer switch. Do I just need to run a pair of properly sized wires from my combiner output to the line side of my transfer switch or do I need a disconnect in between?


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You do not want to connect the PV to the generator, so the connection to the line side of the ACS is appropriate.
As long as the ATS is service rated, that part of the installation is also OK.
But your POCO or AHJ may not allow a line side connection for PV. If they do not, you may have to add a new service disconnect between the meter and the ATS.

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