pool light glows like a dim candle

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atlanta, georgia
I bought a house about 4 years ago. I have recently found out after draining my pool that the reason my pool light has never worked is that it did not have a bulb !
So,, I installed the recommended bulb - a 120 volt, 250 watt max t-4 mini halogen bulb. I flipped the switch and the light glows super dim - like a candle that is barely lit. I traced the wires that come from a junction box near the pool light and travel about underground about 40 feet to an old wall mounted box. The box I presume is some sort of transformer. The wires go in, come out and go to a switch.
Can anyone help me understand how to get the full brightness of the light to work? Is there some sort of transformer issue possibly?
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All we can do is recommend that you consult with a licensed EC in your area. Swimming pool electric is not something a DIYer should attempt.

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