Power Company Damage Dispute

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The "act of God" loophole has always amused me. God decided to set your backyard on fire and blow up your appliances. Really?
Maybe the HO did a bad deed. what comes around.
Who's to say.
It's a good exuse anyhow.
we can all speculate from two time zones away, and anything is possible...
i suppose.... but to answer your question, i think no.

in my opinion, of course.

what'll part the cable is a corona arc that vaporizes the conductor, or heats it
enough that the metal becomes plastic.. that half inch branch i'm thinking will
smoke a lot faster than a 3/0 aluminum cable, or whatever was used.

final score, metal bar, 1.... stick, 0.
Just to clarify the mechanics, the corone will ionize the air between two items that have a potential difference, then the ionized air will provide a low resistance path so the arc forms, the arc will vaporize the metal (plasma, or liquid metalas you stated it, although the palsma state is past the liquid stage) and carbonizes organics which provides a(n even) lower resistance path for the current to flow. Meanwhile as the current rises the voltage drops and if it reaches the proper level it is no longer able to sustain the arc - current flow - so it self exhaust. As the current stops the voltage rises and the arc re-ignites. This cycle could go on continuously - even without noticable interruption - as long as the supply is available, eg. not protective devices tripped, and as long as there is sufficient material supply for the plasma/carbon path.
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