Red Brass Conduit


Electron manager
NE Nebraska
IMHO if you used this approach the UF would be a mechanical sleeve. IMHO something to protect the cable from the sharp edge would make sense. If you have a larger copper pipe set over the end of the 3/4 non-metallic conduit, then I thing the end of the conduit acts as a bushing. On the other end where the pipe is near the bell box you would probably want something acting as a bushing to exit the pipe.

One might argue that it needs to be bonded to the EGC of the circuit, since the circuit could reasonably be expected to energize the pipe.

Not really any different than other metallic sleeves commonly used to protect NM penetrating through say a floor that don't have to be bonded.

I myself don't see that it would hurt to put a male adapter on the end of the tube and thread into a box, sort of no different that sleeving NM cable down a block wall or similar with EMT with a connector on it to enter a box either. That has commonly been done for years