Running EMT without offsets


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Apparently I'm in the minority, but I'd just use the minnerelac clips if the offsets present a problem. (I don't see them being a problem.)
Yea I've used them for the same reason (to eliminate offsets).


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Just about any time that I have to run two or more conduits will use unistrut. Had to supply single & 3 phase power to 12 machines that were in an older building that had what I call a 8" brick bump out every 25' . Because these runs consisted of 360 degrees in bends & really did not want to install pull box or C condulets went with standard 1&5/8" deep unistrut coming down wall and mounted two 1900 boxes on shallow 5/8" deep unistrut to prevent having to install an offset and not exceeding 360 degree in bends. Most supply houses only stock 1&5/8 & 13/16' deep unistrut so I always had some 5/8" on hand.