Staple Gun recommendations

Hey Guys, I do mostly commercial work, but in between projects I've got a residential job. I'm trying to find the best stapler for securing romex(type NM), to wood. I was thinking about purchasing a makita 18v cordless staple gun. Any suggestions? Thanks

Little Bill

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I've got a Gardner-Bender that works pretty well. It will shoot two different size staples, one for 14 and smaller, and one for 12, and I think 10. But I mainly use it in areas that are hard to get a hammer in.

Knuckle Dragger

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I use the arrow T-75 staple gun. With the two with 5/8" & 7/8" non insulated staples. I started using them first on remodeling jobs, it helped keep all that old dust from falling off the joists in my face.
I found the other brand with the insulated staples, the plastic insulation would crack in cold weather installations.
Where ever I can't insert the staple gun I go old school.

tom baker

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I used the gardner bender staple boss, mainly as working in a crawl its safer - no flying staples when you don't hit it straight. Sometimes the staples won't drive tight, a hammer taps fixes it. And the staples are insulated. Dewalt makes a battery stapler, and I am sure Milwaukee will have a M12 stapler soon.


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T75 - did noticed after I passed 74 YO they are a lot harder to operate - have not tried a battery stapler as do not do much residential these days.
Last year after a few dozen wire runs had to quit for a rest or use both hands to operate :(


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I tried one. It was okay, supposedly required two staples at each point per UL, and wouldn't fit in tight places. I've thought of trying to adapt a palm nailer.

I've really gotten to like stackers in many situations:

Two staples required by Arrow, not UL.

And any staple gun can't be used in most of the places you show in your photos.