Which method to take to protect cat6 cable?

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I would like to get others opinions on how I should protect a cat6 cable in a finished residential garage. I’m just planning to install one cat6 line to a second story office. In the past the method I would take is to surface mount 1/2 emt conduit in the garage to protect the line. Curious what other methods I can take and still meet code to protect the line? I picked up some 3/8 aluminum flex since I’m just protecting one cat6 line. The run is about 30 feet long with two 90s. Not sure if 3/8 aluminum flex would meet the fill factor requirements for the cat6 line and if aluminum flex meets code for a 30 foot run? Some reason I thought you were limited to how far you could run aluminum flex. Also any thoughts on using smurf tube for this application and still meet code? Thanks.

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About any of your methods would work to protect the cable.
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