Width of working space


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Considering a stud bay is typically 16" on center you're not even close to having the required 30" of width for the working space of the panel.


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In other words, the panel need not be centered in the space, but the space must be 30" wide, into which the surface-mounted water heater intrudes.

You and the plumber are going to have to work something out if the inspector asserts that the installation isn't compliant as it is now.


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Does this panel violate working width space on the left side? There will be a sheetrocked wall on left side.
Wow... now the question...
who was there first?
and who will be cheaper to move. My bet is plumber will be cheaper to relocate.


The panel was installed first by other contractor and I was contracted to finish out fitting space. I always thought you needed 15 inches left or right from center of panel.
So if a wall is right up against the panel on either side it seems it would be not so easy to install a wire on the circuit brk. because of the angled offset on the breaker.


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It seems very odd to me that 110.26 [A] [2] allows a panel to be in a corner like this.
Nonetheless, it is allowed; as I said earlier, it need not be centered. In fact, two panels can share a single space.

Agreed that moving the water heater to the other side of the water meter would be less $ than moving the panel.