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    Originally posted by ggunn View Post
    I think you are mistaken (a la Kirchoff), but I will look this over when I have more time. In the meantime it is a non-sequitur when it comes to 705.12(D)(2)(3)(c); there is no mention of current in the article, only the ratings of load and supply breakers.
    I stand corrected; Kirchoff is still in effect. I rarely deal with three phase systems, and every time I do it seems I have to go back to first principles to get it all straight in my head. While it is true that a PV breaker connected to phases A and B and one connected to phases B and C both contribute to the current on phase B, they do not do so in phase with each other, hence the sqrt3 factor.

    My bad.

    It doesn't change the way section (c) is written and interpreted, though.