2 pole 125V receptacle


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I have drawings which show 2 pole 125V receptacle. It is similar to link shown below. Panel schedule show 2 pole breaker with 2 conductors and 1 equipment ground conductor.
Maybe a stretch, is the power system a 120V Isolated Power System by chance? That would explain the 2 pole breaker.


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I think the misunderstanding is a simple typo that's getting blown way out of proportion on this thread.



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Specific model number is not listed however drawing says 20A, 125V, 2P, 3W receptacle
Many tables and charts and even packaging will often state 2P, 3W : 3P, 4W : 4P, 5W. Then you get into a little less common configurations that may be 3P, 3W or 4P, 4W - which would be devices that do not have an EGC included in the connections. Old 3 wire range or dryer receptacles would technically be 3P, 3W there is no EGC on those even though the code allowed you to bond the neutral to the frame of the appliance.