First new house

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I only rough with 12-2-2 for afci ckts now and charge acordingly.
I've never used XX-2-2 NM cable. In fact, I've never even seen any in person. (I'm a depra..., I mean, a deprived child.)

I almost always use single circuits in residential, and use MWBC's in non-residential (when the situation permits.)


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"We're all ignorant, just in different areas."

Ignorant does not mean stupid or dumb, but ignorant. I don't mean this in a derogatory sense. Just that you are basically out of your element. Some doctors are general practitioners, others are specialists. You seem to be a specialist, and are being asked to do work outside your specialty.

I've got to agree with the others that on are of the 'fish out of water' side of the fence. I'm not saying you're incapable of wiring a house, but you would not be able to wire it effeciently. You will spend three to four times the labor and God-knows-how-much material to accomplish the same result an experienced Romex Jockey will.

You will be setting yourself up for some serious troubleshooting issues, first-go-around code violations (hopefully the inspector will catch them for you at rough-in!) and some make-your-scalp-bleed headscratchers.
Very well said! I can do anything with switchgear and MV systems but no way would I attempt to wire my own house. Intellegence is knowing what you know and knowing what you dont know.


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I sure do wire MWBCs and have understood them since 1972. I'm not sure why you asked that question though.

Just seemed strange that in the world of pipe, MWBCs are more the rule than the exception. Your post seemed to indicate that you hated resi because of the MWBCs, but I find very few of them is resi work.


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My worst nightmare came tru today I was asked to wire my bosses friends
new house. We normally do comm/indus but I figure I better finally get it over with,
any advise on how i should approach this? Its 1800 sqft and 4 br 2 bath. Shoud I rough in all my recptacles I feel really lost I now the code as far as 2 appiance 1 laundry gfci restroom but my rough in and lay all my swithces WHAT? I normally work on Mazak cnc
machines motorcontrols and plcs. but I guess my boss really needs me to do it he says he
doesnt feel good about sending anyone else to one of our best customers new summer
HOuse! Any advise will do thanks
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