400A Main turns off by itself

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I took a screen shot from each video and loaded them into autocad full scale.

I placed a vertical construction line in the middle of the emt at the left side of the panel and another construction line at the left side of the label which is on the inside of the door.

Both are the same distance apart. There is no zoom action going on. Somebody moved that camera.
I appreciate the analysis. I have thought and now I am convinced 1 or 2 of these guys (store employees) most likely jumped on the band wagon and started messing with us during our attempts at recording. Though till the day I die, I swear and so will others, that this thing has gone down numerous times without any pranksters around.

I also just received a call justifying my camera being tampered with by human intervention. Though the call was unrelated to me and my work, it has merit to the persistence of this situation. I cannot divulge any further information at this time.
Folks, I can't see any point in pushing this issue any further. A lot of you have been helpful and meant well. It is much appreciated. I am personally sick over this as the time spent and money lost has proved nothing.

Please, I am not a troll. I never meant this to be a hoax by any means. I know what I saw, my guys and several other electricians know what they saw, another reputable area contractor knows what he saw, the stores construction manager knows what he saw and a lineman from the power company knows what he saw. I wasn't alone in witnessing this matter.

My apologies to those of you who feel this was a complete waste of time. Thank you for your sarcasm and please know, you could have simply opened another thread, it couldn't be any easier.

If this phenomenon occurs again I have some great ideas to put forth like a mirror or another camera. I'm still dumbfounded as to how or why this situation took place and if ever comes the day I will be sure to post any findings here.

Thanks again for all your insight.

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I can't believe I keep looking at this.
It like a car crash.
What a waste of my time.

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yet you keep coming back;)
and back.......and back!
It's easy to "not" click on this thread if you don't like it!:happyyes:

I was skeptical at first, but now I see something is happening which is most likely human!


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Wow. I would never let my credibility be tampered with like this. The op was taken for a ride and took most of this forum with him. Smh

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The op was taken for a ride and took most of this forum with him.

Still , a learning experience.
In 1996, I put together a paper for Applied power electronic conference with a few similar mysteries - and the final findings.

Also submitted the paper for publication in the Journal of Industrial Applications. A reviewer rejected it with the comment: 'We do not publish hypothetical situations'; yet, each of the 'mysteries' was an actual aircraft or spacecraft problem that was encountered.

I hope the OP does post the final findings, the perps deserve some probation time if nothing else.
Reading between the lines of RTL's last post, I'm inclined to believe this has become a police matter.
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