Does anyone know who makes these tools?

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I ran across a guy today that was using a tool I have been looking for. It is very simple. You lay the top piece (a transmitter) on the floor where you want to drill a hole. You then go to the bottom with the receiver which has 4 arrows around a hole. As you get within a couple of feet of the transmitter above, the receiver starts beeping. You lay the receiver flat on the ceiling (sub floor of where the transmitter is) and as you get closer to the desired hole location, 4 arrows which are located around the hole in the receiver begin to light up showing you which way the hole is. Simply move the receiver until all 4 arrows light up and mark where your hole will be.

He said it was called a "drill locator" and that he didn't know the brand of his, but Hilti made one. I googled "drill locator" and also searched and browsed around the Hilti site and could not find anything.

I looked closely at the one he had and the only marking was some small print that siad "First run products" or "First run systems".

Have any of you seen this or something like it? It was very useful, plus it meets the all-important "I really want one" test.



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You might go on over to the big box store (that's in the best neighborhood) or search on-line, there's all types
of LASER's available and Stanly also makes many varieties, that include a toner.

I know most of the major tool manufactures now make laser pointers. I've seen them use survoyer instruments with
LASER readers with toners for surveying, to note desired spot elevations and obtain readings of bench mark IE points!


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Way cool!! The guy who thought this up gets big brownie points!!:cool:

I wonder how well it does through metal siding...I'm going to have to look into this.


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Thanks for finding the answer to your question. I was wondering, too, who made something that cool. Now I have to find a job that will make it pay. :)


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we have one of these Hilti deals at work. They work great if you have to core holes through poured floors or whatever to check clearence. I haven't tried them through a metal stud wall, but when you run over steel beams in the floor, the arrows go wicked funky until you clear the beam.


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I use a similiar process.

I have someone peck on the floor with a hammer while I go under the house and listen for the sound.:grin:
It works pretty well.


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I can't fathom spending that kind of money for such a contrivance, myself. I'll stick to the tape measure, small hole first, tapping, small screw, cutting drywall, phoning a friend...

...all of which would be way cheaper. :)


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That's alright I guess if you're on a limited budget, but for a real experience, whip out the 3D GPS NANOLASCULOC - a GPS guided nanobot laser cutter/locator tool that simply uses the starting point which you enter on a military grade laptop by using a special pointer and automatically burns a hole using a 3000 watt weapons grade laser through ANY material in its way. The nanobots pass through the hole when it's 1/64" big and form a bearing bridge below to capture any rubble that may fall down and send out a locator beacon which the laptop will then draw a map to. I admit, at 2.6 million USD, it's not cheap, but if it makes the day go by faster and cuts down on carpel tunnel pain, it's worth every penny.
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